1. How much does it cost to sell on allonlinebooks.com?

We do not charge any subscription fee or product listing fee. That means you can list your products on allonlinebooks.com for free. Once a purchase has been made and payment is received from the customer, we will charge a referral fee on each item sold.

2. What types of books can I list for selling on allonlinebooks.com?

You can list any second-hand or used books for sale on allonlinebooks.com.

3. How to list books for sale on allonlinebooks.com?

For listing a book, you have to create seller account by registering on the site. You can register yourself as seller by clicking on sign-up button. Once registered, you can login into your seller account and list your books through add products button on seller dashboard. For more information, visit section How to list a book for sale in Seller Guide page.


4. How can I configure the shipping price?

You can set default shipping price in the seller dashboard section. For details visit,  How to configure and use shipping section in seller guide.

5. How I will be notified if a customer purchase my listed book?

On a purchase made by a customer, you will be notified by email.

6. What I have to do after receiving the order?

After receiving the order email, you have to send the book through courier/Indian postal service to the shipping address of the customer. After shipping the product you have to update the shipping details in customer note section of the order. For more details, please visit Managing Order section in Seller Guide.

7. How and when will I get my payment?

Once the courier/post service has delivered the book to customer, you can edit the status of order to complete, and request for withdrawal of payment. For details on editing the status of order, please visit  Managing Order section in Seller Guide.